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CSS Corp Looks to Simplify the Customer Experience

Vicki Jenkins is a senior Customer Management Services (CMS) analyst from NelsonHall. She took part in CSS Corp’s flagship event - OneWorld’15 and analyst day in Santa Rosa, California. CSS Corp’s leadership team discussed the emerging CMS market trends and the increasing enterprise...

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Adaptivity – It is in our nature

Its 40 degrees outside. You are in your living room. Your air-conditioner has given up and your "phone" knows it. It also knows that your favourite flavour is strawberry and your preferred brand is Baskin Robbins. Pulling out all its contacts and coordinates, after checking with your...

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Trends and Challenges for Enterprises

GSMA report predicts that there will be 24 billion connected devices by 2020. That's roughly 4 devices per person, if you look at a population of seven odd billion. Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE), Global Integrated Network of People and Gadgets (GINPeG)... call...

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Marketing in the new world - Part II

Also read: Marketing in the new world - Part 1

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Through the looking glass

The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power, putting customers in control. They confuse us with their digital choices, tease us with their online preferences and flummox us with their ability to make instant buying decisions online. In the digital age, marketing...

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Balancing Technology & Business

Recently, there has been a lot of ocean churning over whether it is the CIO or business that has control over technology spend. Much of this has been due to a wide gap between the promise and actual realization of business potential by technology. For a better part of the last half...

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Securing the winds of change

The current meteoric rise in BYOD (Bring You Own Device) has clearly shown that it is on the expected trajectory in the process of delivering on its promises of better innovation, mobility, finer work-life balance combined with significantly improved productivity. There is a clear and...

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Marketing in the new world

The marketing landscape has changed more over the last five years than it did over the last 50. Social media has crunched the change in marketing tools, systems and the whole playing field by about a century, it would seem and changed the communication industry beyond recognition.

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The New Marketing Dynamics- technology to the Rescue

With the social media looming larger than life on all marketing communication activities, everyone needs a hand with making messaging work. There are tools available that will perhaps take your marketing message to a better destination than before. These tools may not be able to harness...

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BYOD – Freedom and Responsibility

Mobility is a multi-faceted asset, but some of the value it adds may actually be a cause for concern, especially in terms of the fine balance between rights and freedom.

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