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5G - the new game-changer

How 5G will change the world?

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Tags: Thought Leadership, Innovation, 5G Network Services

DevOps is Powering Digital Transformation

The DevOps Landscape

Over the last decade, software development has gone through a quantum change from its traditional waterfall...

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Tags: Testing Services, Digital Technology, Thought Leadership

Conversational User Experience - 6 Key Design Principles

New channels of interaction are emerging, with voice gaining increasingly more attention, due to the advances in natural language...

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Tags: Automation, Digital Technology, Mobility,

Predicting Consumer BEHAVIOUR in the Retail Industry | CSS COrp is Now Movate

Here is a not-so-rare scenario in retail. A sales promotion campaign has run for 3 years with loads of success, but then it fails...

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Tags: Digital Technology, Marketing, Thought Leadership

Digital Transformation – Riding the Wave

Digital transformation is forcing IT to evolve

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Tags: Digital Technology, Thought Leadership

Digital Transformation and its opportunities

In recent years, digital transformation, as a term, has been used to describe anything from creating a website to the having an...

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Tags: Digital Technology, Thought Leadership

Optimised supply chain management for tech support enterprises

In the era of bimodal tech support, tech support firms need to have a strong digital strategy to future proof their services to...

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Tags: Tech Support, Thought Leadership

Adjacent service strategy for the millennial customer

In my previous blog, I had mentioned that bimodal tech support is the game changer in the tech support world. IoT is taking the...

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Tags: Tech Support, Thought Leadership

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