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Optimised supply chain management for tech support enterprises

In the era of bimodal tech support, tech support firms need to have a strong digital strategy to future proof their services to cater customer demand. One such strategy is reducing cost through Optimised supply chain management. I have already written a blog on "Adjacent service...

Tech Support, Thought Leadership

Adjacent service strategy for the millennial customer

In my previous blog, I had mentioned that bimodal tech support is the game changer in the tech support world. IoT is taking the world by storm. This gives OEMs an opportunity to build positive relationships with customers post purchase by delivering extraordinary after sales support...

Tech Support, Thought Leadership

Bimodal tech support - the game changer

Michael Johnson was once called the fastest man in the world. The track superstar had an unorthodox style of running with a stiff upright position accompanied by short strides, unlike other runners who ran with their bodies bent forward accompanied by long strides. It’s a unique...

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Do you know your customer?

There are different traits and characteristics that human beings exhibit. I would like to classify customers in 5 categories. Understanding them and serving them becomes imperative for enterprises. Customer service agents and tech support engineers should be fast in analysing the type...

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Automate! But please don’t automate!!

Isn't this title an oxymoron? If you are still thinking that something is wrong with the title, you should read this post to have clarity.

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Log Analytics simplifies enterprise tech support

Enterprise technical support engineers make life easier for business users, product users and employees in an organisation who badly require technical support. An enterprise technical support employee monitors and maintains the computer systems and networks within an organisation.

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Omni channel experience - A customer’s experience

Omni channel (also spelled Omni-channel) is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.

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Customer friction kills sales

When I attempt a transaction with an enterprise, I always expect a seamless transaction that is simple, fast without any blocks or problems. If I experience any discomfort in the transactional process I would have a negative experience with the enterprise. Any discomfort that acts as a...

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Tech support and beyond

Technology has grown to more than the expectations of great visionaries. This has made the high-tech products baffling to the end-users. Hence the inevitability of Technical Support. "After-sales support" being the key factor in today's reference driven business, to keep pace with the...

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Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) - The Way We Solve Problems

To quote David Kay of DB Kay & Associates “KCS is not something we do in addition to solving problems. KCS is the way we solve problems.” Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is a methodology and a set of practices and processes that focuses on knowledge as a key asset of the Support...

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