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Funny Social Media Reactions to the iPhone7 Launch

Are you an iPhone user? Well I am one. It is indeed a prestige symbol to own an iPhone. But I still find it pretty weird when I realise that I have to pay a lot to use basic apps like "Automatic call recorder" in iPhone.

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Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Automation

As with everything today, social media is also witnessing a sea of change in how businesses are using it. Social media is now an essential business strategy. Long gone are the days where businesses were considering it as a mere afterthought; even suggested companies hire a Chief...

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The secret sauce for search engine friendly websites

The popularity of a webpage is based on how good it ranks in search engines. Not everyone can take the number one position. With my experience in bringing up a couple of webpages to the top of search engine results, I decided it is high time that I shared with everyone a couple of tricks...

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Optimize your website to reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who left your website after visiting only one page. In other words they landed on a page of your website and navigated away without visiting any other pages. A high bounce rate indicates that your content is not good and engaging.

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Social Media - What Next?

Rewind the clock back to 2004, a 19 year old teenager studying at Harvard introduced to the world a website that revolutionized social media networking. It took on the likes of MySpace and Orkut, who were established social media networks with millions actively using their platform.

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5 Super Cool Social Media Hacks

Social media today, is a parallel world for the human species. You just can't avoid social media. No matter who you are, an entrepreneur, an executive, a stockbroker, a student or a plumber you know that there is no choice but to participate or chose to perish. It may seem unnecessary or...

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Social media – the new Big Bang

The net is a noisy place, with unlimited numbers of conversations happening every moment. People are talking about each other, casually, about business, about requirements, about connecting… but that’s not the end.

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