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How not to wake up and find your data on the dark side of the internet

Data breaches have become the order of the day, just a couple of weeks back one of the major Hollywood production company and entertainment industry giant got hacked and was robbed of several gigabytes of confidential to ultra-sensitive information. The damage is still being undone as we...

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The Roadmap for intelligent security

Conventional security strategies are being constantly challenged by newer and smarter threats – APTs and AETs to name two. CISOs and CIOs are becoming extremely careful of where they tread, because most defense strategies are being effortlessly infiltrated.

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Can you really trust your peripherals?

Global threat scenario is evolving too fast, with attackers finding different ways to pilferage and exfilterate data out of your network, security teams have to be proactively alert and defend their information. While traditional security has been largely addressing an organization's...

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Governance in the digital world

Governance is critical to ensure security in the more vulnerable digital world.

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How NOT to be caught off guard

With the rapidly changing security threats intensity and landscape, the last decade’s strategy of defensive apps is not enough. It is time to integrate vulnerability information with security operations in the Enterprise, to ensure the strength to fight it.

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Is any place connectivity our biggest threat?

With better networking technologies, we are now able to actually access anything anywhere. An increasing number of public areas are now Wi-Fi friendly, and in some ways, this seems like a boon. There is no reason to be out of touch, no time is wasted, and our twenty-four hours connected...

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Create a superman to protect your network and keep your intruders at bay

CISO’s and CIO’s are increasingly becoming wary of these new age threats like APT (advanced persistent threats)’s, AET (advanced evation techniques)’s, zero day advanced malware. These have the capability to deflect all kinds of defense strategies and exfilterate confidential information...

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HeartBleed shows the mirror- how secure we really are

The internet is increasingly become the place where all the information about us as individuals reside. Our preferences, activities, social connections and even critical data like bank account details, income details and even password details reside online today.

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Security II- How do we integrate vulnerability tests within the network?

Threats abound, and of course, as our possession grow more valuable, our threats become scarier. Just a few years ago, defence was the only strategy to adopt against these threats, but today, the rapidly changing landscape has made early detection critical. Preparedness for the attacks is...

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Security – Growing Threats, and vulnerability

March 27, 2013, was a red letter day in the history of cyber security in the civilized world. We saw for the first time, an actual Cyber war. The ammo used jammed the World Wide Web highway almost to a halt. The open hostilities between ‘spam-fighters’ at SpamHaus and the free thinking...

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