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The Mail-Room Locker and Perils of Cyber Security

You must be thinking how can a mail room locker be a topic for a cyber security professional, that too the snail mail box, not the ones that are cluttering your inbox right now on this computer, I have a real story to tell, a snail mail which could expose you to hackers online, yeah you...

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All you need is Cyber Security

September 2016 was a dream month for a 20 year old Indian student. Facebook awarded $16,000 to him. Yes, you read that right. A young Indian student discovered a bug on Facebook which reportedly had the potential to easily trespass into other people’s Facebook accounts without their...

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Is your privacy secure

A few years ago, a privacy crusader and employee of the US government released documents that showed how the US systematically spied on its own citizens. This was on the premise that profiling internet and social media users could help stop the next big terrorist attack. Since this big...

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Does the Facebook privacy and Permission notice work?

You would have noticed your FB friends posting a Facebook "Privacy Notice" stating that they no longer give Facebook permission to use their photos, personal information, and so on.

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The Insecurity of Things

Cyber-attacks has grown leaps and bounds in the last one year in the IoT world. Many IoT devices lack stringent security measures and this makes it easy for the cyber attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities. Some of the classic cyber-attack cases that has happened in the recent past are

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Going to war with APT

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a network attack in which an unauthorized person gains access to a network and stays there undetected for a long time. APT attackers are data stealers and target high value information. Unlike other attacks where the intruders sneaks in and gets out...

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WhatsApp secures messages through encryption

In the last 24 hours, you might have received a message "Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info" on your WhatsApp chat box. I got it too. I am attaching a screenshot of the message.

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Cybercrime at 10,000 feet and above

As we were updating this article FBI today (29.04.2015) sent a warning to airlines to check for any suspicious activities where passengers are connecting unknown cables or wires to the inflight entertainment, or they have been advised to check inflight system logs frequently for any...

Security Services

The new age harsh reality, buying hacking and malware service online

In the barrage of cyber security news that has been making waves on international media recently, this heading somewhere in the swarm of websites would have easily missed your attention “Prices fall, services rise in malware-as-a-service market”.

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