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Predicting Consumer Behavior in the Retail Industry

Here is a not-so-rare scenario in retail. A sales promotion campaign has run for 3 years with loads of success, but then it fails in the 4th year. In most cases, there will be some amount of introspection to see what has changed in the company, and why the performance targets were not...


Six Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

Writing emails that get responses is an incredibly valuable skill – and what makes an email likely to get a response is hard to determine. Harder than that is making people to open your emails. The subject line plays a vital role in this.


Analysing your digital reach

Numbers play a major role in an organisation; be it sales, delivery or marketing. Metrics that talk what you as an individual achieved, your team's performance and your company's growth plays a vital role in determining your way forward. Everyone in the organization from the C-level...


What's the Purpose of this Brief... Ms CMO?

The world is buzzing with new ideas. Technology is redefining the way brands interact with customers. Tapping the keyboard has given way to tapping the wrist as command prompts. That's giving way to facial and gesture based interaction that allow us to make mobile payments or complete...


How automation is slowly changing the face of creative agencies

More than 15 years ago as a junior flunkie in an ad agency, a large part of my role involved slaving off to the media manager's insane demands. Because, he held the key to the most coveted sheet that I needed to send to my client - the media campaign plan.


CX... The secret of Sustainable Brands

As a child growing up in Delhi, "kirana" shops were the thing. One could purchase from school stationary, savories, to sometimes exotic chocolates (if the store keeper had them in stock). But it wasn't just the ease of buying things, it was the familiarity of the store seller who was...


Are you building your Marketing team for 2020?

Its very heartening to see so many blogs being written about how Marketing is evolving and changing. And Digital has had a tectonic impact on the way this portfolio is evolving. But one critical aspect that I often don't read too much about is the team itself. Now I have a funny crazy...

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Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Automation

As with everything today, social media is also witnessing a sea of change in how businesses are using it. Social media is now an essential business strategy. Long gone are the days where businesses were considering it as a mere afterthought; even suggested companies hire a Chief...

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The secret sauce for search engine friendly websites

The popularity of a webpage is based on how good it ranks in search engines. Not everyone can take the number one position. With my experience in bringing up a couple of webpages to the top of search engine results, I decided it is high time that I shared with everyone a couple of tricks...

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