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Track your run...Track your sleep... also track what happens to YOUR data

I bought my first wearable fitness tracker not just out of sheer curiosity but also to track my "Fitness Regime", this little over a year ago and fitness trackers were all the rage. Before you pigeon hole me and call me a fitness addict who keeps track of calories consumed, calories...

Cloud Services

Enterprise cloud adoption in a simplified way

Enterprises breathe down on enterprise IT team to transform the enterprise into digital organizations. The best answer that enterprise IT can give to the organization is to bring the cloud adoption mainstream within the organization.

Cloud Services

Enterprise apps to aws cloud migration - Standardize your software state

More and more CIOs and enterprise IT managers are under pressure to get some portions of their IT landscape onto public clouds, notably through AWS cloud migration. Typically, the first step in their journey is an assessment of the existing app landscape, and to segment and classify apps...

Cloud Services

Securing your S3 hosted website

Lets assume that you host your static website on Amazon Web Services S3.

Cloud Services

Hosting your website on AWS S3 for less than $1 / month

Websites are important for any business. Gone are the days where you need a computer and dial up connection for getting connected to the Internet and browse the ever expanding catalog of all websites/pages/resources that are spread across the globe. Internet, being global and is available...

Cloud Services

Disaster? The cloud comes to the rescue

Leveraging AWS for quick and efficient DR sites

Disaster usually strikes without a warning. Most enterprises try to insure against all forms and types of disaster by various means and methods that have worked in their previous experience. In most cases the Business Continuity Plan works...

Cloud Services

Launch a Campaign in 10 minutes

On Demand Marketing Campaigns on AWS

Marketing is the most strategic activity for any organisation that has a product or a service to sell. As any successful marketer will endorse, an intelligent online presence is a pre-requisite for a successful campaign. To ensure the success of a...

Cloud Services

Vulnerability management for cloud computing

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities, especially in software and firmware. Vulnerabilities are found in every IT asset that's developed & it has to be identified at the early stages of development & remediated....

Cloud Services

Baseline Cloud Security - an Absolute Imperative

Also read Staying clear of the fog... while up in the clouds

Cloud Services

Cloud computing models - Staying clear of fog, while up in the clouds

Cloud Computing is a "daily spoken" & most commonly used terminology in every forum.

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