How Pricing Analytics Can Drive Better Returns

In a previous blog, I had talked about how pricing based on advanced analytics can lead to “profit-margin lift of between 3 and 8 percent from setting prices at much more granular levels” (McKinsey)

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How is Data Analytics shaping the future of e-commerce?

With the emergence of non-banking players in the payments industry like PayPal, Google-Wallet ,Skrill, Bitcoin, PayTM etc. and many innovative vertical specific startups, the e-commerce market is expanding at a rapid pace. Retail ecommerce sales—which include products and services...


Data Analytics for Tech Support Enterprises

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The Role of Speech Analytics in Tech Support

How many of you know that when you call a tech support agent, your conversations are recorded? If the tech support service is bad, you might get irritated and might raise your voice to show your dissatisfaction. The agent on the other end of the phone would understand that you are...

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Zero Touch Support

Imagine you are driving your car in the highway. Your wife calls you on your mobile phone; and as you are driving, you are not able to pick up the phone and answer her. You have two options now to talk to your wife

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Delighting Customers with Social Media Analytics

Today, enterprises have the mandate to deliver delightful customer experience throughout the product lifecycle to retain their customers. Fostering positive relationships with customers is possible only if an enterprise can exceed customer expectations. Social media has played a vital...


The C-suite loves big data

Big data, Analytics and BI are terms that excite the C-suite executives. Leaders of Fortune 1000 companies make efficient use of big data to do their jobs effectively. The following stats prove why big data is indeed BIG and cannot be ignored.


Analyzing Consumer’s Experience

Competitive markets and presence of alternatives have given power in the hands of consumer. The consumer not only chooses which products and services he/she wants, but can also influence many others who are trying to make the same decision. With the penetration of the internet, connect...


Demystifying text analytics

In any business, strategic planning and the power to make quick decisions can make or break your business. Getting timely and accurate information will go a long way to enable any business owner in the above aspects. Gathering insights and knowledge from ‘Unstructured data’ is what most...

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