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Analyzing Customer Behavior

Welcome to the new world of discerning customers. Armed with technology and a seemingly infinite volume of information at their fingertips, these customers are impatient, assertive and fickle.

Though it may be daunting at first, it is possible to understand, analyze and evaluate your customers’ behavior patterns. Using tools such as big data, companies can ensure that they retain their most loyal customers – by keeping them regularly satisfied by catering to their individual needs – and bringing in new ones through customized and personalized tools at their disposal.

But it’s not that easy. Sifting through the huge amount of data – from social media platforms, to online forums, to feedback forms – companies must be on the ball 24/7. In fact they need to act, think and react just like their own end consumers.

There’s also the issue of too much information versus just enough information. Customers want to know what suits them. They don’t want to be flooded with mails, texts and alerts, which are irrelevant or invade their privacy. This could obviously have an adverse effect and drive away customers.


The Present is also the Future

Using predictive analytics tools, companies can use a crystal ball to look into the future to determine what their customers want and where they can leverage their products or services most effectively. These next-generation tools are significantly powerful and, when used appropriately, can be used to gain valuable insights into the mind of today’s customers.

Of course, it takes a skilled scientist to decipher this data and extract accurate insights. Further, there also have to be synergies between the various departments of the company. In fact, long gone are the days when CMOs and CIOs worked in silos. Though the two hold positions of immense power, they now need to work seamlessly together to ensure their strategies on customer experience are in sync.

In today’s digital and fast-paced world, generating valuable insights is imperative for companies to remain ahead of the game. To highlight the point, according to Deloitte, by the end of 2012, more than 90% of Fortune 500 will likely have at least some big data initiatives under way. In mid-2015, this has never been more significant.

Fortunately, CSS Corp is in a prime position to understand customer behavior. We regularly interact with end-users and customize our service offerings according to their needs and expectations. We cater to customers as individuals, drawing on historical data and exploring their specific needs. Thus, it’s no wonder why we score so highly on customer satisfaction.


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