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The Gold Standard in 5G innovation is here!

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Recently, San Francisco was abuzz with news about the Golden Bridge. No, not the iconic symbol of the city, but the Golden Bridge Awards gala that was flanked by stalwarts across the technology terrain plus innovators beyond the Silicon Valley. Treading the red carpet were pioneers who touted and flaunted their repertoire and novel solutions. But only the winner takes it all, and there certainly was one. As the ceremony unfolded, a moment of deafening silence set in and the audience were on the edge of their seats. The decision was out. CSS Corp bagged the Gold in IT services for its innovative solution for the telecom sector; adjudged as the best solution of the year 2019. Yes, indeed a remarkable landmark that would usher in transformative experiences for clients across next-gen networks in the years to come.


A Coming-Of-Age Story

Be it a download of the mobile version of PUBG or the latest blockbuster season download from Netflix during a flight trip, nobody wants a delay—upload or download time. The fast data speed bug has bitten many. If AR, driverless cars, gamification, and remote surgeries are any indicators, telcos are playing “catch-up” in their quest to switch over to 5G networks. The infrastructure to support such services also needs to change. The infrastructure market is worth $47,775 million by 2027 according to analyst Markets & Markets. Valuates Reports, a research analyst, pointed to 42.96 billion as the worth of 2018 global 5G market in their press release; moreover, the analyst anticipates rapid progress by 2025 with a 56.7% CAGR. Despite many wanting to get on board the 5G journey, the technology is in its nascent stages.

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CSS Corp’s 5G Capabilities

With the state-of-the-art 5G Center of Excellence in Dallas, USA, CSS Corp punches above its waist through its cognitive 5G solutions (AI/ML, analytics, automation) for cost-effectively driving network transformation for telcos. Incubators across locations offer flexible business models, for example, co-innovation models that entail robust solutions that ramp up operational efficiencies, and business agility in addition to future-proofing operations. Telecom domain experts offer digital integration that criss-crosses a gamut of network services: engineering, deployment & migrations, modernization, and support services. The cognitive 5G Catalyst Suite offers comprehensive network planning, NFV automation, digital quality assurance, field ops optimization, and cognitive network ops. The suite taps into 4 key elements of the 5G ecosystem: RF layer, optical transport network, 5G vRAN, and 5G Core.


CSS Corp’s 5G Catalyst Suite

Let’s quickly unpack the modules to learn the inner workings of the suite.

  1. Advanced 5G network planning: Focuses on saving time and cost. Considering multiple design and technology interplay in 5G network planning, the module uses extensive small cell planning with MIMO design features to build complex architectures effectively and efficiently. The module uses AI for simulation, propagation modelling and analysis to craft a spectrum strategy for telecoms.
  2. NFV automation: Network Function Virtualization adds networks dynamically with lesser cost. The module auto spins virtual networks and creates NFV infrastructure based on customer requirements. The GUI allows automated software upgrades and testing of NFV elements through drag-and-drop feature. Say good bye to platforms operating in silos, and welcome 40% faster deployments of SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV platforms.
  3. Digital quality assurance: Because verifying the quality of 5G networks poses a challenge, the module uses automation and cognitive tools to validate and test 5G networks. CSS Corp’s NFV labs perform use case simulation, testing, validation, and open-stack validation. The module future-proofs networks with complete functional integration testing capabilities.
  4. Field operations optimization: The module enables remote network installations, integrations, and quality audits to boost engineer’s productivity through AR enabled mobile apps. Moreover, remote technical support is just a tap away. In addition, the module uses cognitive automation, automated knowledge base, and AR tools such as TalonView to boost efficiency and drop cost 30–40%.
  5. Cognitive network operations: The module offers real-time intelligence, monitoring, optimization, traffic analysis, and slicing orchestration to meet user requirements; furthermore, the module automates network operations through AI, ML, and cognitive technologies. The module ensures quality through closed-loop assessment of network performance.

Ultimately, these modules and their features translate to business outcomes. For example, a top telecom giant realized 191% efficiency improvement and 90% quality assurance after deploying the suite.


Collaborate with the Pro

Experience, infrastructure & expertise in handling 5G projects matter. CSS Corp has garnered versatile experience and use cases through serving 30 out of 50 telcos over a 2-decade period. This experience comes to the fore in helping leaders who are crafting their 5G roll out plans. Huge investments have gone into building 5G & NFV labs, and CSS Corp’s award-winning capabilities are geared to face today’s biggest challenge: helping telcos morph into smart enterprises through customized solutions for their end customers.  With a coming-of-age technology, CSS Corp meets the challenge through a mix of domain expertise, infrastructure, incubators, and new-age digital technologies. This winning combination won the Gold for facilitating efficient network automation and management in the Information Technology Services category.

Think 5G, think CSS Corp!

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