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A Successful Bimodal Tech Support Model


The bimodal tech support bridges the gap between the old and the new. This blog post will explain about a successful bimodal tech support model. Today, the market has become collaborative as opposed to being a competitive market in the past. Products that come out in the market have to interop with other products if they have to survive in the market.

What is Collaboration Marketing?

Collaboration marketing is the process of aligning your enterprise’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded enterprises to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own. In other words, collaboration marketing is the perfect example for the proverb “Unity is strength”.

What kind of tech support model is effective in a collaborative market?

Tech support services that are value based will be more effective in a collaborative market. Tech support that stresses on well-defined outcomes will sell well and for making such outcomes a reality, enterprises need to have automation and analytics as ammunition.

Tech support enterprises need to be nimble, flexible and should have a simple approach to service the clients. Enterprises that are on the lookout for tech support services will be delighted to partner with a tech support service provider with the following credentials

  1. Solid client base – Clients who are global leaders in their respective fields
  2. Longevity in client relationship – A tech support firm that has more than five years of strategic partnership with their clients stands tall among competition
  3. Global delivery models – A tech support service provider’s ability to service customers in any part of the globe is always an added advantage
  4. Analytics led support – Enterprises are looking out for an Analytics service that derives meaningful, faster insights from their enterprise data to help them in making strategic decisions. An Analytics led support model that delivers reliable real-time insights to enterprises through exploratory and self-learning models is definitely a good value proposition
  5. Bimodal support – The ability to handle both traditional and new age support models
  6. IoT support – Tech support firms that have the ability to interop multiple products and deliver support for the products are the need of the hour
  7. Diversified Industry service – If a tech support firm has the ability to delivery omni channel support to diverse industries like Hi-Tech, retail, OEMs, Telco service providers, SMEs etc., it is an indication that their support structure is strong
  8. Automated support – Customers look for support with self-heal capabilities and when a tech support enterprise delivers automated support, the customer experience goes up.

The motto of the tech support game is always to support the customer. And to be a game changer in the tech support game, bimodal tech support is the answer.

Do you have a successful tech support model that can delight the customer in the bimodal IT world?

Ravi Shelvankar


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