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How NOT to be caught off guard

With the rapidly changing security threats intensity and landscape, the last decade’s strategy of defensive apps is not enough. It is time to integrate vulnerability information with security operations in the Enterprise, to ensure the strength to fight it.

Defence was the only way to fight infosec threats, just a few years ago. Not anymore. Today, with the fast growing technology landscape that is so finely tuned to security threats, enterprises need to ensure complete preparedness for the attacks. In fact, this should be the first point in the strategy for IT roadmap - implementation of monitoring mechanisms to detect vulnerability, or early stages of attacks.

Every enterprise’s security strategy increasingly needs to be about early detection of suspicious activity, and maybe even vulnerability analysis. This needs to be a clear basic mandate, over and above the basic infosec policy roadmap. Security readiness to protect vulnerable targets demands 24X7surveillance - coupled with state of the art security applications. The demands on the IT team being what they are, and considering the criticality of this operation, it is best to outsource the entire Security Operation centre to a stable support partner.

So what value should your security vendor deliver to justify the investment?

It goes without saying, a security support partner will have state of the art technology and cutting edge applications to help keep enterprise secure, plug every hole, stitch up every vulnerable point. But very often, that’s not enough. What you need to do is get business and IT apps on one platform; thus saving costs and increasing efficiencies. Unifying security operations and creating one integrated security operations centre will help add a big punch to the existing security strategy. Ensuring that vulnerability data is integrated with the network security solutions will help early detection, pushing up the ability to fight off the threat successfully.

A single, coordinated view of the security landscape, vulnerabilities, threats, and security apps- all on one platform- is the only smart way to keep your IT and data safe. A tech support partner who excels in integrating all this intelligence within the company network, allowing security teams to process collective memory, identify vulnerabilities and keep the preparedness updated, is the need of the hour. Historical insights into previous attacks or threats can help create and implement an effective mitigation strategy that will help enterprises to be armed, if not lethal.

Outsourcing this activity to a vendor with focused security technology skills and resources will help save costs and also serve to open up the resources available for more business critical activities.


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