Security Services

Does the Facebook privacy and Permission notice work?

You would have noticed your FB friends posting a Facebook "Privacy Notice" stating that they no longer give Facebook permission to use their photos, personal information, and so on.


Analysing your digital reach

Numbers play a major role in an organisation; be it sales, delivery or marketing. Metrics that talk what you as an individual achieved, your team's performance and your company's growth plays a vital role in determining your way forward. Everyone in the organization from the C-level...

Tech Support

Do you know your customer?

There are different traits and characteristics that human beings exhibit. I would like to classify customers in 5 categories. Understanding them and serving them becomes imperative for enterprises. Customer service agents and tech support engineers should be fast in analysing the type...

Cloud Services, Internet of Things

Track your run...Track your sleep... also track what happens to YOUR data

I bought my first wearable fitness tracker not just out of sheer curiosity but also to track my "Fitness Regime", this little over a year ago and fitness trackers were all the rage. Before you pigeon hole me and call me a fitness addict who keeps track of calories consumed, calories...

Tech Support

Automate! But please don’t automate!!

Isn't this title an oxymoron? If you are still thinking that something is wrong with the title, you should read this post to have clarity.

Security Services

The Insecurity of Things

Cyber-attacks has grown leaps and bounds in the last one year in the IoT world. Many IoT devices lack stringent security measures and this makes it easy for the cyber attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities. Some of the classic cyber-attack cases that has happened in the recent past...


What's the Purpose of this Brief... Ms CMO?

The world is buzzing with new ideas. Technology is redefining the way brands interact with customers. Tapping the keyboard has given way to tapping the wrist as command prompts. That's giving way to facial and gesture based interaction that allow us to make mobile payments or complete...

Internet of Things, Digital Technology

Mark Zuckerberg and his AI butler dream

The first time I watched the movie Flubber, I was more fascinated by Weebo than Flubber. Weebo - a robotic flying personal-assistant helps Robin Williams in day today activities by reminding him of incidents that he had forgotten. The movie revolved around Flubber and Robin Williams;...

Internet of Things

Do you have a domotic home?

Imagine a world where all the devices in your life connect to the internet. Yes! The alarm clock that wakes you up every morning, the car that you drive, the TV that you watch and the smart phone that is in your hand all the time - if all these are connected to the internet, it becomes...


How automation is slowly changing the face of creative agencies

More than 15 years ago as a junior flunkie in an ad agency, a large part of my role involved slaving off to the media manager's insane demands. Because, he held the key to the most coveted sheet that I needed to send to my client - the media campaign plan.

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