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Where do we draw the line for Automation in CX?

Automation has always been equated with efficiency and progress. Due to the growing cost of resources and the rise of the consumer-driven economy, most organizations have rushed towards automation to optimize their business processes. While automation has influenced every business...

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The Gold Standard in 5G innovation is here!

Recently, San Francisco was abuzz with news about the Golden Bridge. No, not the iconic symbol of the city, but the Golden Bridge Awards gala that was flanked by stalwarts across the technology terrain plus innovators beyond the Silicon Valley. Treading the red carpet were pioneers who...

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Vijayraghavan shares his story on following his passion with work


Employee Engagement, Dream Companies to Work For by ET Now, CSS Corp, CSS Corp employees, women leaders, Inspiring Stories, Delivery Director, Network Engineer Trainer

Climbing up the corporate ladder, Gayatri Mohanakrishnan, beats the odds!


Employee Engagement, Dream Companies to Work For by ET Now, CSS Corp, Motivational Stories, CSS Corp employees, glass ceiling, women leaders, finance controller, Director

Aparna Krishnan is tackling stereotypes!


Employee Engagement, Dream Companies to Work For by ET Now, CSS Corp, Motivational Stories, CSS Corp employees

Vikram Aditya Kulkarni shares his inspiring story!

Everything happens for a reason.

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Amplify agents to transform cx in customer service

Customer Support Representatives (CSR’s) are the bridge between customers and the company. When faced with product or service-related issues, customers instinctively reach out to the customer service department. In an industry report by Accenture, it was found that 89% of customers get...

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A guide to Differentiated Pricing Models for the digital Age

The tech industry has witnessed a transformation across almost every modality, and that includes pricing. It is a crucial aspect, as a decision on pricing can have a long-term implication on the company’s business viability. A pragmatic pricing model should be a win-win for both the...

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How emerging technologies are re-defining the IT service provider landscape

Technology is changing the way organizations do business across all major industries. New technologies (and new applications of existing technologies) are being developed all the time, and businesses are naturally looking for ways to incorporate emerging technologies into their operations.

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Driving Superior Customer Experiences by Transforming Enterprise Support


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