Employee Engagement, Dream Companies to Work For by ET Now, CSS Corp, Motivational Stories, CSS Corp employees, glass ceiling, women leaders, finance controller, Director

Aparna Krishnan is tackling stereotypes!


Employee Engagement, Dream Companies to Work For by ET Now, CSS Corp, Motivational Stories, CSS Corp employees

Vikram Aditya Kulkarni shares his inspiring story!

Everything happens for a reason.

Chatbots, agent amplification, customer service representative, agent support, customer service, customer 360, AR-based support

Amplify agents to transform cx in customer service

Customer Support Representatives (CSR’s) are the bridge between customers and the company. When faced with product or service-related issues, customers instinctively reach out to the customer service department. In an industry report by Accenture, it was found that 89% of customers get...

IT service provider, differentiated pricing models, tech industry, linear pricing models, non-linear pricing models, As-a-service economy, competitive differentiation, client specific engagement

A guide to Differentiated Pricing Models for the digital Age

The tech industry has witnessed a transformation across almost every modality, and that includes pricing. It is a crucial aspect, as a decision on pricing can have a long-term implication on the company’s business viability. A pragmatic pricing model should be a win-win for both the...

Analytics, Chatbots, AI, Intelligent Automation, superior customer experience, IT service provider, emerging technologies, operational expertise, customer journey

How emerging technologies are re-defining the IT service provider landscape

Technology is changing the way organizations do business across all major industries. New technologies (and new applications of existing technologies) are being developed all the time, and businesses are naturally looking for ways to incorporate emerging technologies into their operations.

superior customer experience, enterprise support, customer intelligence, digital framework, subscription-based services, technology vendors, single-view of customer

Driving Superior Customer Experiences by Transforming Enterprise Support


Video Game Support Services, Gaming Customer Services, Gamers as support agents, Customer Support in the Gaming Industry, gaming customer support

6 Reasons Why Gaming Organizations need Good Customer Services

Entertainment not only relieves stress but can also be a great source of happiness. While games have always been a great source of entertainment the mediums through which they are delivered and consumed have created a snowball effect over the years. As much as 64% of the general...

Internet of Things, 5G communication services, 5G Implementation, Network Slicing Solutions, Edge Computing Services, Network Deployment Services

How Telcos Can Innovate to Accelerate 5G Implementation

5G, or the fifth generation of the communications technology for cellular mobile devices, is a quantum leap over the 4G (LTE/WiMAX), 3G (UMTS), and 2G (GSM) systems prevalent in most countries. 5G technology holds the promise of super high-speed data, significantly lower latency and...

Cloud Services, Automation, advanced analytics, testing and development, on-demand infrastructure, DevOps, mobility services, Lab-as-a-Service

Lab as a Service: An Emerging Horizon of Possibilities

A comparative study of global brands from 2008 to 2018 provides an insight into the innate power of digital technologies. All of them have utilized digital technologies to impact the way we produce, acquire, communicate, and consume. In the 1990s, brands spent $5 million to launch a...

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