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Onsite Tech Support vs Remote Tech Support

Onsite Tech Support or Remote Tech Support: What Does Your Business Need?

Technical Support is an integral part of every single organization’s internal workings and while some companies may opt for onsite technical support, others may opt for remote support.

Onsite tech support


So this brings us to the question that who do these 2 actually entail?

On-site support refers to technical assistance that is offered at your premises. The biggest advantage of this style of technical support is that the support offered is that of company employees who are familiar with the product/service.

On the other hand, remote support is convenient for both the customer and service provider. Remote support is convenient in many ways but particularly when it comes to saving time and money. It usually includes video, live chats, email or telephone support. While this may be a tad circuitous, it is cheaper since the cost incurred is only that of the services rendered. For few companies  outsourced technical support isn't an option, it's a necessity and to gain advantage from this you need to distinguish between various technical support vendors.

Businesses are now facing the issue of which support type they should opt for. In a recent study by Research and Markets, it is stated that the global IT outsourcing market is set to grow by 5.84% in 2019. This proves that a lot of companies are making / set to make a paradigm shift in their technical support policies.

While we cannot make the decision for you, we can differentiate between these 2 options on the basis of accessibility of technical support, cost of the service and familiarity of those rendering it.

On-Site support:

Accessibility: Having support on site helps to deal with real time physical and technological problems, which lower the damage, the damage that could be avoided. Since they are only catering to your business you’ll have their full undivided attention at all times. While it may be a little slow, this type of support can solve issues at the initial stages.

Cost: It comprises of all the employee benefits your company offers, which is a steady cost. While this may help with the planning of future expenses of a firm, it may be considered a drain of resources by some.

Familiarity: " Familiarity of technology landscape will help tech support spot and rectify defect almost instantaneously" and thus reducing the long term damage.

Remote Support:

Accessibility: Remote support are available within a phone call’s reach and can solve most problems effectively. That being said, a lot of hardware issues require a hands on support, also many times the problem is easily evaluated by experienced professional on site better than being described to by someone, thus saving time.

Cost: Remote support follows a pay as you go/ pay as you use model, while this reduces immediate cost, but the predictability and the effectiveness of the team takes a hit when the business size increases, and a dedicated team saves cost on the long term.

Familiarity: A lot of time and training is is needed to understand the software and hardware for a new team. Since you are not familiar with the team being hired trust can only increase depending on the work.

Each company is different in their needs and limitations so do your research phenomenally well. What do you prefer for your own firm? After all, the decision is entirely in your hands!


The Way Ahead

A few decades ago the concept of remote tech support was not on anyone’s mind but due to the changes in our lifestyles and connectivity we are now able to do things differently.

But this is not the end, and only the beginning. There are going to be changes in the way tech support is given in the near future and these may be the reasons:

Changing Workforce
Millennials are different from any generation in the past because they have grown up with technology ingrained in their day to day life. They are getting more aware of the grind of a 9 to 5 job and are unwilling to fall into a routine. They wish to have more flexibility not only in timings, but also location.

World is Shrinking
Globalisation has been the buzzword for more than a few decades and while it was showing its effects previously too, it is now showing itself in full fervor. Now people can stay a hundred thousand kilometers away from office and still do their jobs perfectly. The world is shrinking and tech support will only stand to gain with this shrinkage!

The choice you make in tech support can help people in the future so do sound off in the comments below to ensure that your valuable opinion reaches those in need!

Nagesh Tallak

Associate Director Enterprise Tech Support Operations - CSS Corp

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