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Once Again, the Data Analytics suite raises the bar

When big data aficionados met at the recent Tech Ascension Awards summit, CSS Corp’s home-grown data analytics platform, Active Insights—its capabilities in paving transformational Customer Experience (CX) journeys have held up remarkably well to the scrutiny of the judges. Amidst a lineup of elite data analytics service providers, CSS Corp won the 2019 Best Big Data Analytics Service Provider Award hands down. A recognition on top of other recognition such as The Gold Stevie® (Customer Service) attests to the transformative next-gen CX experiences that the suite delivers to clients across industries. Analytical platforms are playing a pivotal role as their tentacles have stretched well beyond the marketing and business function to industries such as telecom, media & entertainment, healthcare, and the like.

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Active Insights in Action

When a pharma giant could not comprehend the reasons for dwindling or poor uptake of its influenza vaccination campaigns, it was Active Insights that went beyond meagre analysis to cover the whole nine yards. The cognitive suite dived deep and delivered a solid dose of NLP, real-time dashboards, contextual analysis, on-demand visualizations, & sentiment analyses to eventually drive up vaccination adoption rates across different patient groups.  This is a perfect instance of a data analytics platform going beyond the call of duty to provide cogent and relevant analytics (actionable insights) instead of the usual passive information that traditional analytical models offer.

Back to Our Earlier Story

Now, let’s imagine that we’re sitting at the awards ceremony. What was going on behind the screens, trophies and plaudits? There’s something more to Active Insights than what the audience could decipher. When you stack up Active Insights beside the other array of platforms out there in the market, it would be intriguing to know what puts the suite on an entirely different league. Well, the answer is simple. As we’ve seen in the preceding case study, the smart cognitive suite packs a mighty, yet a different punch of benefits unlike its contemporaries.  A power punch of benefits that lend the smart cognitive suite a winning edge. Let’s talk about it a little more and then dive into the suite’s nuances.

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What Enterprises Really Need

Today’s enterprises—and the avalanche of data they handle—want to cut through the clutter. It’s all about decision making and decision makers who seek matter-of-fact analyses at the drop of a hat. They need more & more of valuable insights that they can decisively act on. That’s where Active Insights brings a sigh of relief to those at the top helm. CSS Corp data and analytics experts at Innovation Labs have pored over billions of support use-cases and customer transactions across domains to flesh out this kind of a cutting-edge data analytics platform. But here’s the kicker: “The traditional platforms out there just don’t deliver that level of value that enterprise decision makers so rightfully demand in a competitive terrain,” remarked a CSS Corp data scientist.

Secrets of a Winning Platform

In a service or support environment where things could go wrong, the negative impact can be stark especially when it comes to experiences of sensitive groups such as patients undergoing medical treatment. Whatever be the mission-critical scenarios, Active Insights dives deep to decode underlying causes, fix problems, and transcend insights to deliver incremental value even after there's been a shift toward efficiency. In short, it delivers the goods over the long haul.

Here are the winning secrets of the Google Cloud-based Platform (GCP) that entails a unified triad of AI, smart automation (RPA), & analytics:

  • Provides early-warning alarms plus proactive resolutions for system anomalies.
  • Identifies customer patterns through speech analytics in conjunction with emails, chats, & social media.
  • Infuses intelligence in a service desk environment by correlating data in real-time.
  • Optimizes the use of machine learning, NLP, & deep learning.
  • Goes beyond basic metrics to advanced statistical analysis and modelling.

Overall, the suite streamlines operations end-to-end. Because every touch point of customer interaction leaves behind data prints to be analyzed, the aforementioned traits maximize revenue & improve customer engagement at every interaction.

At a time when enterprises can do more with analytics, the clarion call is for proactively tapping the power of data analytics for reimagining customer relationships, and not just settling for operational or marketing metrics.

Last but Not Least

Think about this for a moment: Forrester in its report titled “How Analytics Drives Customer Life-Cycle Management,” mentioned that only 51% of global data and analytics decision makers have implemented customer insight analytics. This stat reveals the enormous volume of opportunities waiting to be acted upon. Lot’s to be done for sure.

As enterprise leaders deliberate and obsess about basic metrics, CSS Corp’s Active Insights takes customer lifecycle management to a whole new level. Through its acumen & transformative prowess, the suite pervades every phase of the cycle thereby leaving a trail of business impact.

When considering the long-term customer value & profitability, an investment in an analytical suite is well worth the budget.  Don’t settle for anything less; drive smarter customer engagements with award-winning Active Insights. Customer value unlocked!

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