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Securing the mobile workforce data through DLP

Proliferation of mobile devices with the advent of smart phones and tablets has led to enterprises allowing employees to access corporate data through their own or corporate provided devices. This makes employees mobile with information and content on the go.

Enterprises have to ensure that data is accessible to mobile employees without worrying about data being lost or stolen by accident or intent. It must be protected against all forms of security breaches.

The general perception of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is of limiting it to employee errors, internal risks and bad data management processes. However, it has to be protected against external attacks as well which could have serious ramifications to the enterprises in terms of data security breach.

Enterprises are waking up to the ever increasing security breaches and data loss incidents by including DLP solutions as part of their overall IT security strategy. The DLP solutions will prevent sensitive information from being accessed outside of corporate network.

DLP solutions have become an integral part of enterprise security infrastructure. It is as important as any security technology programs such as antivirus, host intrusion prevention, firewalls, etc.

Preventing loss of confidential data has become a top priority for enterprises today in a highly connected business environment. As enterprises increasingly rely on a productive mobile workforce, ensuring secure data access at all times becomes very important.

So, it becomes very critical for enterprises who are looking to integrate this technology to understand how DLP solutions are effective compared to other solutions in a competitive environment. DLP solutions enables enterprises to discover data as well as monitor, protect and manage it.

DLP enables enterprises to know where the confidential data is stored, how it is used and how it prevents its loss. DLP extends beyond the traditional network focused security approaches and instead, focuses on securing data itself.

Nandakishore Bellore

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