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My two cents on mobilizing the enterprise

As we all know Mobile computing is transforming the way people interact with each other. It is no surprise mobility is transforming the way we live and work. It is also transforming the enterprise work environment. Employees have started using smart phones and tablets for personal as well as official use. As per research reports over 80% of employees see improved productivity with mobility and 72% employees demand personal device enablement for work.

With this mobility no longer remains an option but has become a necessity for organizations to enable their environment by investing heavily on employee mobility. So organizations require the right strategy and solution to mobile enable their environment based on their business requirement to facilitate remote and mobile productivity, without compromising on security and personal privacy concerns.

Organizations need to fully understand and utilize the benefits of mobility to innovate, increase employee efficiency & satisfaction without falling prey to threats like data security loss, privacy encroachment, policy mismatch etc.

Enterprise IT needs a solution to simplify device management, applications, users' content & policy management for every device and OS type entering and exiting its premises.

According to a global survey 53% of employees bring personal devices to work. Around 90% of them connect to corporate networks through mobile devices. It is very important to draw lines between personal and official space, manage user profiles, secure shared resources and at the same time enhance user experience. So a comprehensive device management solution will enable the employee workforce to be more productive and without obfuscating user experience.

IT organizations will dedicate at least 25 percent of their software budget to mobile application development, deployment, and management by 2017. The number of enterprise applications optimized for mobility will quadruple by 2016, driven both by competitive necessity and rapidly evolving technologies that support faster and more secure enterprise applications.

Enterprises have to ensure that data is accessible to mobile employees without worrying about data being lost or stolen by accident or intent. It must be protected against all forms of security breaches. Estimated $400 Million being lost in US annually due to poor data protection practices. Data cannot be recovered when devices are lost (11.9M out of 70M devices).

Enterprises are also looking to ensure quality of service and quality of experience for business critical mobile apps. These are required to protect revenue, end-user productivity and customer satisfaction.

Thus, an adaptable, end-to-end mobility strategy and solution helps enterprises achieve a significant uplift in workforce productivity and collaboration, along with enhanced operational agility.

Nandakishore Bellore

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