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Deliver exceptional user experience across devices to Transform CX

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Deliver Superlative CX with a UX strategy that is transformational

Users today expect to have the same experience while using a website irrespective of the platform they are using to access it. The UX Industry Survey Report 2015 said that almost 60% of respondents felt multi-device interaction will be an important trend. Today, there are multiple platforms that provide the access users need and the options like mobile devices, different computing platforms and so on are only increasing.

Responsive web design helps deliver a seamless User Experience to all web-based visitors. It ensures that your visitors get to view what they expect on all mobile platforms and generates a sense of assurance and predictability as well. This way, they are much more comfortable with the experience. It also ensures that irrespective of the viewing platform, what information matters, or is the most relevant, is available to the users upfront.

How does Responsive Web Design Work?

Responsive web design is based on using a single code base and using additional CSS media queries for different systems and screens. The website is designed so that it adapts to the screen size, big or small, and arranges content to give the user the best possible view and experience. As soon as the user requests the server for the webpage, the user device is identified and the appropriate CSS/HTML layout is rendered. Aberdeen Group conducted a research and concluded that websites with responsive web design are able to achieve 11% more conversions than their counterparts that are not responsive web design friendly. In addition, the major benefit is with respect to code management,  managing large quantities of code, testing and deploying the code.

A Holistic Approach

Optimizing websites and the content to ensure availability of content and interface functionality across devices is one of the key benefits of responsive web design. This is essential for smartphone users due to the limited real estate on mobile displays. Users need to be able to gather the vital information they seek quickly, even on their desktop screens, along with what they see on their mobile devices. If information is buried or nested deep down, users will lose interest in the webpage they are viewing. This becomes all the more difficult when the screen is small, thus a lot of care has to be taken when websites use responsive design. Not only does the layout matter, but so does the positioning of content in the layout.

Wire framing is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration while designing your website. It gives designers an idea of how content should be displayed. Grouping related information in blocks or color-based separators is effective in collating and displaying inter-related pieces of information.

Consistent UX is the key to delivering superlative Customer eXperience

It is important to give a potential customer consistent experience across all devices. It must be assumed that customers generally have a short attention span and can potentially switch over to a competitor's website for no less a reason than that they did not like the design.  It is thus important to grab their attention in this limited time and this can be achieved by giving the website a look that’s pleasing to the eye and user friendly.

According to a markets and markets report, digital transformation which includes Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility, and Social Media is expected to almost triple in size from USD 148.04 billion in 2015 to USD 392.15 billion by 2021.With a market that is growing every day, consistency across devices has to become the norm. It is essential to meet these changes and maintain uniformity across various platforms to attract new customers and retain existing ones. A good UX will present the webpage's content elegantly and efficiently, aiming to give the viewer a wholesome experience. 

CSS Corp delivers Superlative Digital CX across Devices for Enterprises and End Users

CSS Corp’s mobile solutions enhance productivity and deliver superlative Customer eXperience across devices and platforms. Great UX and intuitive design drive superior CX. This is the key to enhancing brand value, retaining customers and increasing revenue from existing and new customers.

Enterprise mobility has emerged as a critical component in driving productivity and efficiency in the new age work place. A Secure and Efficient Mobile Strategy can bring about substantial change to any organization with Digital Transformation on their minds


CSS Corp’s Digital Solutions have helped organizations in their Digital Transformation. To know more visit https://www.csscorp.com/services/digital




Vasudevan Sundarababu

SVP & Chief Technology Officer (CTO), CSS Corp

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