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What's the Purpose of this Brief... Ms CMO?


The world is buzzing with new ideas. Technology is redefining the way brands interact with customers. Tapping the keyboard has given way to tapping the wrist as command prompts. That's giving way to facial and gesture based interaction that allow us to make mobile payments or complete transactions. What does that mean for brand experts. Will an idea still be as good as it was two decades ago? Or is it all about the purpose?

Case for Fair Brands

(pun unintended :-) ): Consumers are increasingly looking for out to decline brands that are unfair in the sense that they increase the gender equality gap or berate women. They do not want to experience unfair brands. Both Lloyds Unisex washing machine and Ariel #Sharetheload recently demonstrated this by going viral on the Indian internet space.

Case for Elevated Brands:

Brands that are increasingly raising the bar on experience are in it for the long haul. Air France for instance in their inflight program allowed a bouquet of award winning films that passengers could watch and elevated that experience by allowing passengers who couldn't complete the movie, to watch it on their personal devices, after landing too. Once in a lifetime experience indeed! Cortana, the personal assistant on Windows 10 is now equipped with features that allow it to scan for intentions... i.e. if you have typed in "I need to buy groceries for tomorrow's dinner", it will send you alerts to remind you of the same! Another one from West Jet that warms my heart every time I see this!

Case of Arbitration Brands:

Isn't it cool how brands are morphing and taking on topics that go beyond all the nice and fancy and tackling subjects that may be uncomfortable to discuss? Much like the Coke Superbowl ad taking a shot at the immigrant crisis. Last year Huffington Post ran a survey that identified about 27 brands that were strongly supporting gay marriages. And that included Nike, Gap, Apple amongst others.

A very interesting survey of the brands by Radley Yeldar where they were ranked based on their commitment to purpose can be accessed online. To quote the Unilever's CMO (Incidentally Unilever ranked #1 in their Fit to Purpose Index)

"We know that consumers want brands with purpose. Global spending on 'responsible consumption' products is $400bn"

It is time that Marketing, CSR, Sustainability, HR, came together to bring the cohesive brand story alive. For in that process, the purpose could be defined and driven.

Brand Purpose is all about making your business stronger by changing the world for the better!


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