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CX... The secret of Sustainable Brands

The secret of Sustainable Brands

As a child growing up in Delhi, "kirana" shops were the thing. One could purchase from school stationary, savories, to sometimes exotic chocolates (if the store keeper had them in stock). But it wasn't just the ease of buying things, it was the familiarity of the store seller who was practically the Brand. Now I would call him Uncle ji(a standard phrase used by children then, for men above 25, Aunty ji for women.. or the occasional Bhaiyya or Bro). These shops offered safe and consistent experiences ,credible quality and offered a genuine relationship with the buyer and extended families, that probably went beyond a generation. Not only that, suggestions from buyers on new products on the market would be heard and on the next visit, be proudly displayed!

Brands that are able to build great and lasting relationships deliver superior CX

One of our favourite pastime during summer holidays was to write letters to cousins about places we had visited or were most likely to visit. Letters were awaited with much delight and heralded with fanfare! I recall this very funny incident when my mum wrote her overseas friend's address and just a Dear Name.. on the inside. Intending to write later, she went about her chores. My father thinking it was a completed missive, immediately sent it out to the post. A few days latter my mum's friend visibly aggrieved at what might have happened to my mother- since there were only 2 words in the entire letter, called us frantically to ask if all was well. The same set of friends now WhatsApp with just a Hi or Hello All ok?, kind of message

While technology has evolved, communication continues to be fundamentally driven by the need to connect, learn and enhance.

Brands that create a consistent and honest dialogue with customers are able to drive better CX

A common sight was our vegetable vendor who would deliver vegetables to the door. All the women in my apartment would drop down baskets with notes on what they wanted and the money and our vegetable wallah as we called them would quickly shove the vegetables and the change into the baskets. Ditto for laundry men who would deliver the service or the carpenters who would come home and work on our broken sofas or cupboards. Over the course of the work, they would chat of course about family, politics and sometimes even the local gossip! Of course now everything is online but what is common then and now is the ease or convenience of the whole process of purchase.

Brands who truly make it convenient for customers to engage with them deliver better CX

Technology may have accelerated the pace of consumerism but brands who sustain are those that deliver brilliant CX


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