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Analysing your digital reach

Analysing your digital reach

Numbers play a major role in an organisation; be it sales, delivery or marketing. Metrics that talk what you as an individual achieved, your team's performance and your company's growth plays a vital role in determining your way forward. Everyone in the organization from the C-level executive to a junior executive rally behind numbers in this digital age. Welcome to the world of digital analytics. Digital analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analysing digital performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize ROI.

Crunching and munching numbers can help you in enhancing customer experience. It can also measure the extent to which your digital efforts have reached desired outcomes? Let's first think about what should we measure?

Enterprise digital presence transcends various verticals. Whether you are blogging heavily, churning out dozens of website landing pages, doing SEO and social media marketing, or blasting out marketing e-mails, there is a way to measure every activity you do on the WWW. This blog tells you the basic analytics needed to strengthen the digital business intelligence of an enterprise.

1. Website landing pages:

The main aim directed towards website landing pages is to increase traffic. Increased traffic implies scope for more leads that can be converted into prospects. As a general guideline, you should be tracking the following metrics:

  • Number of visitors (both new and repeat)
  • Visitor sources (direct traffic, referrals, etc.)
  • Web pages with the maximum hit list
  • Web pages indexed by search engines
  • Landing page conversion rates (visitors who fill up forms, make a purchase, provide feedback etc.)
  • Landing page bounce rates

2. SEO:

Understanding the SEO strength of your website requires tracking of a complex set of metrics. These numbers will give you a better idea whether your content marketing strategy has reached its goal. Track the following key metrics when monitoring your SEO efforts:

  • Keyword ratings
  • Search engine ranking
  • Traffic from organic and inorganic search
  • Link backs from other websites

3. Pay-per-click campaigns:

This is one of the widely used online marketing tools and perhaps one that requires careful analysis since you are measuring the results of something you are paying for. Tracking these metrics will help you justify your web ROI

  • Website click-through rate
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per lead acquisition
  • Return on advertising expenses

4. Social media marketing:

There are numerous tools available online to measure the effectiveness of your social media moves. With social media being the order of marketing today, here's what you need to measure:

  • Audience growth (Facebook page likes, Twitter followers)
  • Audience engagement and conversations
  • Brand visibility
  • Social media traffic

5. E-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing will never go to the grave. In the coming years, conventional e-mail marketing will take on a more structured approach. Measure the following metrics to ensure your organization is not stuck with campaigns that end up in readers' spam boxes:

  • Bounce rate
  • Delivery rate
  • E-mail list growth rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Sharing/forwarding ratio
  • RoI per e-mail campaign

Analysis of the above five metrics help you to streamline your online marketing strategies. And by tracking relevant metrics systematically, you can revisit your core strategies to guarantee key benefits in the long run. As they say, 'you cannot improve what you cannot measure.'

What tools do you use to measure your digital performance?

Megha Suraj

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