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Invite Innovation in Enterprises

The High Tech services industry has witnessed a sea of change in the last decade, with enterprises focusing to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Infrastructure management leaders in high tech industry strategically plot their plans to meet user expectations and market demands. Innovation plays a key role in providing effective infra support to enterprises in the digitally disrupted world. Innovation has become a part and parcel of every business unit in an enterprise.

Innovation in Cloud computing

The future of cloud computing will be defined by an integration of content across multiple devices and enterprise applications will evolve to support synchronous application deployment on various devices. Widespread innovation has become an integral part of cloud computing and storage management.

Innovation in Analytics

Infrastructure enterprises are also assertively seeking to support data analysis and system management to provide exquisite end-user experience. The future of IMS will be analytics driven and enterprises are making planned investments to deploy advanced tools that can analyse and process data and disseminate the right information to the right people at the right time. Innovation plays a vital role here too.

Innovation in NOC

Innovations are in demand at Network Operations Centers (NOC) also. Network management organizations strive to deliver seamless service in day-to-day operations and this is possible only with error-free, innovative practices implemented in the operations.


Innovation is not just a thought, it is what we do with it. It is now more significant than ever before, being a useful and efficient retort to all our business changes. It can be elongated beyond the individual towards groups, businesses, communities and societies. This blog tells you how to encourage innovations in enterprises.

I am writing this to encourage innovations in workplace. With my experience as an Incident Analyst in IMS, I quoted examples of how innovations play a vital part in IMS. The same applies to various other service lines too. Feel free to Ctrl C + Ctrl V in all service lines where this blog is applicable.

How can an enterprise stay focused in turning great dormant ideas into business making products and services?

Just by giving the employees their devoted time and personal space to get connected with all other employees across the company will be a first effective step. Inspiring fellow employees inspires confidence and everyone will start to bestow their creativity, time and effort if they believe in their idea and the fact that their ideas will be implemented.

"But not every idea is a good idea"

Though not all ideas will produce substantial results for the company, this practice will fetch a good work atmosphere in a long run. Most innovative employees no matter how inspired and enthusiastic they are, at the beginning of a team or a project, sooner or later end up feeling down. They start concentrating on things they haven't done and things that hasn't happened instead of focusing on their progress and the fact that they are actually getting closer to the target. Innovation can't be forced if the morale of the employees are low. The key is to shape your corporate environment so that innovations are possible. This can build innovation in the company's DNA.

Let me conclude with a simple yet effective tip for all who are inspired to be innovative. At the end of each working day, acknowledge yourself for all that you have accomplished maybe, small, medium, or large not just silently in your mind, but verbally aloud.

What are the practices adopted in your organization to encourage Innovation?

- Rajiv Nagarajan

Rajiv works as an Incident Analyst in IMS. He is a Carnatic musician and a blogger

Rajiv Nagarajan

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