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Digital is the New Normal

Proliferation of digital channels, volatile business requirements, along with inherited legacy systems have significantly contributed to the complex IT landscape and has made the life extremely painful for CIOs.


Global CIO organizations are adopting distinctive digital methodologies to simplify IT and connect seamlessly with their customers. Digital solutions can help organizations to focus on core business operations, deliver accelerated business outcomes and stay on top of the value chain.

Digitals Solutions for the Connected World

The advent and adoption of new age connected devices, digital technologies including IoT, analytics and cloud has rapidly transformed businesses and organizations across industries.

Smart companies that adopted digital solutions have successfully transformed customer ecosystem. Rapid evolution in the digital business landscape will significantly reduce the number of apps and servers that are presently managed by enterprises.

1. Adoption of new age digital technologies:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is a game changer and is transforming large industries. IoT is creating new marketplaces and huge opportunities for organizations to effectively map a customer journey and delivery enhanced customer experience.
  • Migrating to Cloud: Cloud enable enterprises to transform business processes, customer relationships and promotes sustainable competitive advantage. Cloud infuses enterprises with new ways to save, new ways to think about costs. Cloud facilitates transparency into IT costs, RoI and economies of scale. Organizations migrating their enterprise applications to cloud have been able to deliver improved services and products to their customers.
  • Mobility: Enterprises need digital ecosystems that enable internal and external stakeholders to collaborate and drive growth. Organization can improve stakeholder collaboration by mobile enabling enterprise apps & social collaboration tools.
  • Analytics: Real time customer analytics promotes data driven decisions and better understanding of customer's journey. Adoption of analytics drives unified view of customer interactions and consumption pattern that help organizations to make better business decisions.

2. Automation:

IT Automation help enterprises to move from a reactive support model to a proactive one or even a preemptive support model. Implemented rightly IT automation can deliver greater value proposition by significantly improving time-to-market, better predictability and ability to react faster to changing business trends.

3. Advanced security measures:

As the world becomes increasingly online, cybercriminals are becoming smarter and adopt sophisticated technics to break in to an organizations security zone. It's becoming increasingly difficult for CIO's to manage and mitigate these hi-tech targeted attacks.

Enterprises must adopt unconventional security methodologies to protect brand reputation and prevent revenue loss. Organizations must leverage proactive end-point monitoring solutions, advanced threat intelligence tools and behavioral analytics solutions to detect and rectify vulnerability in a connected environment.

Embarking on a digital journey will provide enterprises the foundation to gradually evolve their systems to become more resilient, flexible and cost-effective. Digital is fast, nimble and truly transformational in nature. It makes enterprises future smart. It changes the way people do business.

Are you ready for the change?

Sivaram Kanthimathinathan

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