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Optimize your website to reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who left your website after visiting only one page. In other words they landed on a page of your website and navigated away without visiting any other pages. A high bounce rate indicates that your content is not good and engaging.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rates can be reduced by performing the basics right

  • Eliminating misleading ads or text descriptions
  • Faster loading websites
  • Good design without cluttered ads and banners
  • Content rich pages

The basics are the foundation on which you can build a strong website with the following five points.

1. Add backlinks and internal links to webpages to reduce bounce rates

Adding internal links helps the user to explore more information from your website. The links should be placed in strategic locations for the user to navigate with ease. A forcibly placed link can put off the user

2. Wise usage of Sidebar content

The sidebar content should have content and links that act as a bait. Too many widgets can work against the website. A blog side bar should have archive list and popular post list.

3. Open in new tab/ window option

When you place links in the website, chances are that the user may click them to know more about the content. When one of this link is from an external source, chances are that unless and until the external link opens in a new tab, the user will eventually start reading the content in the external link. So when you use links, make sure that those links always open in a new tab.

4. Use Meta tags and descriptions appropriately

Even though Google search crawling system has changed drastically over the years, the power of Meta descriptions and Meta tags still applies to a great extent in strengthening the SEO of the website. Bounce rates automatically go down if the website is optimised. Hence increase the relevancy of the title & description with the page content so as to meet user expectations better.

5. Use insights to improve

Google analytics helps you to identify the exact pages in your website that has high bounce rates. Fine tuning the content on these pages will help you to lower the bounce rate of your webpage.

Try these 5 tips for your website and share with me how your bounce rate has reduced in a month

- Anukumar Karunakaran

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