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Enterprise cloud adoption in a simplified way

Enterprises breathe down on enterprise IT team to transform the enterprise into digital organizations. The best answer that enterprise IT can give to the organization is to bring the cloud adoption mainstream within the organization.

Various research reports support this trend, with enterprises cloud adoption at 38% and growing, and more than 55% of enterprises reporting that a significant portion of their application landscape is cloud ready, but not yet on cloud.

 enterprise cloud adoption

Enterprise cloud adoption is not a simple task when the existing IT infrastructure is heterogeneous, spread across multiple locations and many organizations see the transformation process as a tedious and fraught process. But if the right approach and right partner is there, the cloud migration will be a very simple process.

A three step process – Consult, Transform and Manage phase approach simplifies the cloud migration process.

    1. The Consult phase is the starting phase which sets the tone for the cloud migration process. The business, technology and operational aspects are focused in this phase. A tool driven framework should be used in this phase where analysis is done and projections are made for the transform phase


    1. In the Transform phase, a tool driven implementation approach simplifies the migration process. The tools essentially help standardize and automate the entire implementation process, speeding up the migration process and more importantly reducing the manual interventions and hence the errors


  1. The Manage phase is an ongoing phase where the application environments on cloud are handed over to the operations team for the complete monitoring and management. The operational processes are improved using automation. The operation procedures are simplified by tools and platform integration. The cloud costs are rationalized through build in performance and utilization monitoring

Enterprise cloud adoption needs to be driven aggressively to stay relevant within the organization. A successful cloud transformation journey will setup the base for enterprise IT to deliver cloud services and future innovations to their customers. Simplifying the transformation to cloud will go a long way in ensuring the cloud transformation is successful. The right mix of tools, frameworks and process, stitched together with a well thought out transformation approach delivers the simplicity in transforming enterprise applications and IT services to cloud.

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