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Disaster? The cloud comes to the rescue

Leveraging AWS for quick and efficient DR sites

Disaster usually strikes without a warning. Most enterprises try to insure against all forms and types of disaster by various means and methods that have worked in their previous experience. In most cases the Business Continuity Plan works on one principal- segment, duplicate and secure.

The most common strategy for disaster recovery is segmentation of teams and duplication of infrastructure and data of teams and data. Essentially, positioning teams and data centres in different locations is generally considered the best DR strategy. It is assumed that disaster will not strike in two or more places simultaneously, so safety is assured! But what all these methods don't promise is foolproof recovery at reasonable cost.

The cost of redundant IT infrastructure and the additional team adds to the budget too. It is not only a capital investment for most enterprises but there is also an opex component of running and maintaining DR sites on an ongoing basis. In addition, there are instances where the regulation needs them to have their DR sites located at specified regions, depending on the size of the company. These sites need to be then maintained and audited too, for compliance to BCP strategies. The sheer volume of the planning and maintenance that goes into the upkeep of these multi-locational sites is an expensive logistics and operational nightmare. Enterprises tend to compromise on their DR strategy due to these financial and operational challenges.

The cloud provides the perfect solution to all these issues, while ensuring multiple advantages over physical data centres even in multiple locations. The biggest advantage is that while creating a DR on cloud, only the requisite infrastructure needs to be provisioned and paid for on an hourly basis. Enterprises save additional costs when compared to a physical data centre as well, because an on premise data centre has fixed server space and if it's not utilized, it's again a wasted cost.

In fact the public cloud is an ideal environment for disaster recovery planning, since it is pay per use, completely scalable and easier to manage than multiple locations.

AWS provides the flexibility and scalability to setup DR based on the business requirement, to have either a mission critical always on setup with the complete environment provisioned and running, or have a bare minimum setup with critical data infrastructure replicating with options to scale business applications as required. This flexibility allows business, after disaster recovery, to be up and running within a few hours, if not minutes. CSS Corp helps define the right DR strategy for the customers based on their RPO and RTO requirements, and help them implement and manage a right kind of DR, be it a light weight cost effective pilot light, to a fully functional DR catering to mission critical business. CSS Corp support also provides a fully integrated automated platform using AWS API that facilitates the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure resources, with consistency of recovered data, and executes periodic drills to ensure that DR setup meets the RPO and RTO objectives.

CSS Corp has saved time, cost and effort in ensuring data recovery using - AWS, helping achieve higher savings and greater efficiencies for a number of our clients, for their Data recovery processes.

CSS Corp has designed, deployed and manage DR environments on AWS for several customers, ensuring always on operations by meeting their RPO and RTO requirements, and saving their capital and operational expenses through efficient and effective DR implementations.

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