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Enterprise Automation in the disrupted world


Infrastructure and operations enterprises are experiencing an exponential growth in computing, storage and network technologies. Many enterprises have moved to the cloud and some are taking the plunge to the cloud. Automation of tasks, processes helps enterprises to save costs, grow faster and have many more benefits.

This blog tells us how automation and artificial intelligence will help enterprises in the connected. Automation will enable the enterprise to excel in the following areas.

1) Operational excellence:

There is a tremendous growth in empirical service management automation. Automation will empower Artificial Intelligence to automate operational tasks even including problem management areas. Data analytics coupled with increased storage and automation will enable enterprises to perform better analysis and resolve operational issues.

2) Proactive resolution:

Automation opens the doors for predictive analysis that will help the enterprise to be pre-emptive and proactive in resolving issues than being reactive. As the old proverb goes, prevention is always better than cure.

3) Right Forecasting:

Predictive analytics have strengthened the forecasting arm for enterprises. Analysis of data over a period of time through Artificial Intelligence helps the enterprise to forecast and plan well in advance. It becomes a strategic decision making tool in making the enterprise a successful one. Artificial Intelligence becomes the central fulcrum in capacity planning for an enterprise.

4) Budget Allocation:

Some companies still use spreadsheets for their annual budgets. They may consolidate several or many spreadsheets prepared by their various administrative and operations departments, and some of them may have some logic built-in to aid the forecasting process. Automation also helps the enterprise in budget allocation and strategic spend and will be a key enabler in an enterprise’s transformational journey.

5) Employee portfolios:

Automation will scare employees into thinking that their jobs are in stake. But to operate and support automation process, knowledge and consulting power of employees are still needed. Automation will strengthen the portfolios of people in the enterprise as they will be the brain behind identifying what needs to be automated and what doesn’t need automation. Automating mundane jobs is the need of the hour.

Have you found your automation mix?


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