Security Services

Governance in the digital world

Governance is critical to ensure security in the more vulnerable digital world.

Security Services

How NOT to be caught off guard

With the rapidly changing security threats intensity and landscape, the last decade’s strategy of defensive apps is not enough. It is time to integrate vulnerability information with security operations in the Enterprise, to ensure the strength to fight it.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tiger conservation on the rise!

On July 29th, the world celebrated The International Tiger Day. A century ago there were 100,000 tigers that roamed in the wild. Today, this number is down to a painful 3200.


Being a Service Provider in a Connected World

Being a Service Provider in this era of Connected World, entails delivering effective Customer Support. Effective customer support leads to Superlative Customer Experience. But this would require a 360° understanding of each customer which is easier said than done.


Analytics led Customer Insights in a Connected World – your path to Big Profits from Big Data

We live in the era of Big Data and connectivity. In our ever more connected homes, humans are being taken out of the equation in a trend called home automation. Smart meters in homes can send data to utilities in order to dynamically regulate peak consumption periods, and thermostats like...

Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteering – the new Mantra to make a difference

Employee volunteering is about giving time, energy and skills-freely. Unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering. Finding new interests and hobbies through volunteering can be fun, relaxing and energizing. What I like about volunteering is that it brings...

Security Services

Is any place connectivity our biggest threat?

With better networking technologies, we are now able to actually access anything anywhere. An increasing number of public areas are now Wi-Fi friendly, and in some ways, this seems like a boon. There is no reason to be out of touch, no time is wasted, and our twenty-four hours connected...

Thought Leadership

Marketing in the new world - Part II

Also read: Marketing in the new world - Part 1


Voice of the Customer(VoC), our path to Active Insight

In our quest to providing an effective tech support environment to provide a superlative customer experience, it is vital to understand the opinions that our actual and potential customers express in new channels that are much more spontaneous and less structured than the traditional...

Thought Leadership

Through the looking glass

The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power, putting customers in control. They confuse us with their digital choices, tease us with their online preferences and flummox us with their ability to make instant buying decisions online. In the digital age, marketing...

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