Internet of Things

Digital life and beyond...

It’s 6:00 am, your phone rings waking you up to your favourite rendition of a Brahms concerto. The almost opaque window panes turn transparent. Your TV opens up with the daily roundup of news and events, shows you a map of your route with possible traffic locks and alternate options,...


Co-creating customer value through Customer eXperience Management

This is an excerpt from my recent article on applying the Art of Conversation - the listening approach, to understand and better #customerexperience


Preparing for the new customer!

Today we are living in the world of engagement. CMOs need to throw away their MBA text books and concepts and adopt new marketing techniques to suit the “new age customer”. The other up CMOs sleeve is - they required to establish a brand that’s resilient to the changing times and create...


Customer Experience: The Science of the Art

Many centuries ago in Southern India, a classical art form was taking root that would be characterized by its dramatic makeup, vibrant costume and extremely mathematical percussion beat and tempo. That art form as we know it now is called Kathakali. What could this art form possibly have...


How technology powers brand equity...

Today we hear a lot of terms like customer quotient, customer experience, brand recall etc. What does this really mean? After all, at one point in our lives we are also consumers at one stage. How can we relate to this?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Up with the count

"TIGER, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"


All hail the connected customer!

Technology has altered the way we communicate, interact and do business. Large scale adoption of main stream technology has given rise to a number of vendors who make digital devices that fill up our homes and which connect up with the other devices at our homes and offices. The end...

Corporate Social Responsibility

2014 - Not only the year of the Tiger I say

With the countdown starting for 2015, I took some time to reflect on this year and am quite glad to share what I found. The year 2014 had a lot of BUZZ around CSR with the Companies Bill mandating Corporate Social Responsibility. New areas like "Swachh Bharat"got added to the Bill with...

Corporate Social Responsibility

2015 – What will it look like

The last month of 2014, saw world leaders gather in Lima, Peru, in what was supposed to be a fight for the environment. Under the United Nations banner, high powered government delegates from 192 countries tried to reach an agreement on how to tackle the crisis of climate change. This...

Application Services

A Tale of Threads and A HashMap

One of the main objectives of Performance Testing is to ensure an Application is in no way sub-optimal in terms of resource consumption. Resources generally mean CPU, Memory, I/O, Network. But then we also have other resources that lie towards the application's side, like Heap, GC,...

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