Internet of Things

Do you have a domotic home?

Imagine a world where all the devices in your life connect to the internet. Yes! The alarm clock that wakes you up every morning, the car that you drive, the TV that you watch and the smart phone that is in your hand all the time - if all these are connected to the internet, it becomes...


How automation is slowly changing the face of creative agencies

More than 15 years ago as a junior flunkie in an ad agency, a large part of my role involved slaving off to the media manager's insane demands. Because, he held the key to the most coveted sheet that I needed to send to my client - the media campaign plan.

Thought Leadership

The Power of Tech Support

The High Worth of Customer Loyalty

Businesses today have a unique challenge to contend with – a fickle customer spoilt for choice. To add to that, a multitude of channels to choose from, and an even larger number of people trying to make them offers they cannot refuse.


CX... The secret of Sustainable Brands

As a child growing up in Delhi, "kirana" shops were the thing. One could purchase from school stationary, savories, to sometimes exotic chocolates (if the store keeper had them in stock). But it wasn't just the ease of buying things, it was the familiarity of the store seller who was...


Are you building your Marketing team for 2020?

Its very heartening to see so many blogs being written about how Marketing is evolving and changing. And Digital has had a tectonic impact on the way this portfolio is evolving. But one critical aspect that I often don't read too much about is the team itself. Now I have a funny crazy...

Thought Leadership

Voice of the Customer – is it just Vox Pop Redux or is there more to it?

Remember Vox Pop? The classic man, sorry, person-on-the-street interview that was part and parcel of all market research in the early days? The term comes from latin for voice of the people, short for vox populi, and is a method still used to get views and opinions of people.

Thought Leadership

What do customers want?

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” – Theodore Levitt

It’s a perspective change that is not very easy to make. But one that is necessary to make in today’s times. All the customer centric buzzwords, technologies and applications that the...

Thought Leadership

Customer Experience - The Focal Point of CMOs strategy in 2017

It’s official. It’s no longer just about customer experience but it is about Customer Experience – CX, in capital letters. All the revolutions in globalization of technology, economics and demographics have been leading up to this moment. The moment where the ubiquitously connected...

Tech Support

Log Analytics simplifies enterprise tech support

Enterprise technical support engineers make life easier for business users, product users and employees in an organisation who badly require technical support. An enterprise technical support employee monitors and maintains the computer systems and networks within an organisation.

Infra Services, Thought Leadership

Four predictions for Infrastructure Management Services in 2016

After a few years of the cloud buzz, 2015 was the year that saw the Internet of Things (IoT) taking a giant leap in the digital space. It was a year that saw a flurry of developments in how enterprises use IT infrastructure.

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