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The Ten Commandments for conducting a technology event

How ironic it is that most Indian parents expect their children to be engineers and work in IT firms. When my sister decided...

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Tags: Marketing

Invite Innovation in Enterprises

The High Tech services industry has witnessed a sea of change in the last decade, with enterprises focusing to enhance...

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Tags: Human Resource, Infra Services

Customer Experience - The Focal Point of CMOs strategy in 2017

It’s official. It’s no longer just about customer experience but it is about Customer Experience – CX, in capital letters. All...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

Social Media - What Next?
By Aditya Jayaram On February 10, 2016

Social Media - What Next?

Rewind the clock back to 2004, a 19 year old teenager studying at Harvard introduced to the world a website that...

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Tags: Social Media

Corporate lessons from World Chess champions - Part 1

Even though the game of chess is limited to 64 squares and 32 pieces, there is an apparent infiniteness within that...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

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