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Being a Service Provider in a Connected World

Being a Service Provider in this era of Connected World, entails delivering effective Customer Support. Effective customer support leads to Superlative Customer Experience. But this would require a 360° understanding of each customer which is easier said than done.

With an Analytics led Support Services, a support would be able to proactively provide this customer understanding

Customer Understanding -> High Attrition Risk -> Opportunity for Xsell/Upsell - > Repeat Caller, Repeat problem, High Value customer, Existing Customer Life time value -> Big Ticket Customer -> Customer Expectations -> Weekend/seasonal preferences -> Ethnicity/Demographics relativity to Customer behavior -> Customer lifecycle/interactions on various channels = Proactive monitoring/active to adaptive response based on VoC = Customer Loyalty

Thus the bottom-line implications of data mining and analytics is significant for any product/services enterprise. But the cost and complexity of setting up a data mining and analytics practice is a deal breaker for such enterprises.


Any support services provider with capability around the Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud service enablers can support and enable such enterprises by setting up their information management / Analytics, all at a fraction of regular time and costs of traditional solutions in the market. Thus, the desired understanding of the customer becomes a reality, so that such enterprises can start targeting the right customers for retention, sales & growth creating an impact on the bottom line.


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